About Us

We are Levi and Val Ely (Pronounced "ee-lee"). We shoot weddings together and have fun with our kids, full-time. We love each other. We love music. We love food. We love the idea of organic veggies and grass-fed meat; but feel free to judge us if you ever see us checking out of the grocery, on date night, with a Tombstone pizza, and peanut M&M's. We love campfires and our friends. We love Arrested Development (the tv show, not the hip hop group), The Newsroom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Breaking Bad. We love traveling all over the US and the World, for weddings or any other reason. 

There's a lot about us that we will never tell you. (Like the fact that Levi feels the need to clip his fingernails every. single. day., but can never find the clippers which drives Val crazy! Or the fact that Val says yes to way too many people, for way too many things which drives Levi crazy!)

What we will tell you is this:

Levi thrives in an atmosphere of tidy, order. Val thrives in an atmosphere of disheveled, chaos. Levi handles the day-to-day business tasks. Val handles our 3 "wild animals". Levi likes to play guitar. Val likes to create beautiful things for our home. Levi likes Val. Val  likes to take naps. Levi likes Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Val likes Dutch Chocolate Almond. Together, we document life unfolding; for our couples at work & for our family at home.

If something you read above didn't make you say "ew", "disgusting" or "they are not for us", we highly recommend you hit us up; we think you might like us.


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