Rustic Ohio Same Sex Summer Wedding // Brady and Kyle

Some of you locals may recognize Brady Konya, of Middle West Spirits here in Columbus, Ohio, and his awesome partner, Kyle Boettcher. We had the incredible privilege of photographing one of the most heartfelt and moving ceremonies that we have experienced. 

Every once in a while, we get hired for a job and show up to shoot knowing very little about the couple. We do our job and then go home happy. What we love about so many of our couples (and our continuing hope for our clients) is that they let us into their lives. They consider us friends. They treat us as guests, while we work. 

Kyle and Brady are not only kind and supportive of one another, they are kind and supportive to so many of those whom they come into contact with. This day was no exception, considering they invited everyone that attended. Ha!

Their eye for art, design & beauty is unparalleled. (But don't take our word for it. See for yourselves.)

It was certainly a joy to be there for such an important occasion for them, while doing what we love.

Congrats, guys.--Val


Being around these two guys is unbelievably refreshing. There is no pretense, just plain old genuine love. Brady and Kyle were married at a private home in Granville, Ohio near Columbus. We can't believe they were able to design and plan this type of event given their very busy lives, one working as a senior manager for Abercrombie and Fitch and the other owning and operating Middle West Spirits, a micro distillery in the Short North district of Columbus. They pulled it off with ease, with no help from the weather.--Levi