Snowy Mountain Range Wedding // Faith & Kevin

I mean seriously.

This blogpost doesn't even need words.

But you're getting them because we love Faith & Kevin. When we met faith about a year and a half before her wedding, she hadn't even met Kevin. We were instant friends.

Faith, who has her own photography business, Honeybee Photography, now based in Ft. Collins, Colorado, is one of the hardest working people in this industry, that we know. She strives to accomplish her goals and her business has seen nothing but growth since she set out to begin it. Her personality is contagious. Her excitement ignites. And her beauty is radiant. It's no wonder that when Kevin met her, he knew she would be his wife.

When Faith asked us to photograph her wedding, it was like she had always known that she wanted us to do it. As if we would even consider turning them down, we didn't have a choice. ;) I love how much she knew what she wanted and worked so very hard to make it happen. Not least of all on the list was having the Snowy Mountain Range as backdrop for their wedding ceremony. Inspired by the photography that she loves, some influence from Wes Anderson, incorporated with some special touches from her hometown in Michigan, she put together a helluva amazingly beautiful event.

It was perfect.

Faith & Kevin, big fat kisses to you love birds.