Julie & Aaron

These two.

Julie and Aaron's wedding took place somewhere in Ohio called Mohican State Park, at The Grand Barn. It had such a warm and cozy, rustically, midwestern feel. Don't ask me where it's located exactly.. I think I was putting on Makeup during most of the drive (picture one of those magnetic face tablets where you drag the tiny magnets to make a mustache or a hat: eyeliner is not easy to do in the car) or something else as equally important, like facebooking.

Photos like these are why we live in Ohio. Couples like these are why we take photos. 

Beautiful, rich and vibrant colors during Autumn, whether it's raining or sunning, shoot my serotonin levels to the top. It's truly my favorite time of year.

Most apparent to me on this day was the fact that is was raining on their wedding day but it didn't seem to place an ounce of weight on their shoulders. They were so light-hearted, compassionate, considerate of each other and others, and truly salt-of-the-earth kind of people. I would spend all my wedding days with people like these two, if I could.

You can just tell from their first-look how excited they were for this day to have arrived. I love their que sera sera spirits and how they just joyfully transitioned from one part of the day to the next. They take life in strides and keep on smiling. For that reason and many others, I'm certain they are lifers. They're gonna make it in this life, together.

I could go on but you'll see for yourselves...