San Juan, Puerto Rico Wedding // Ilia & Tony

I remember over a year ago when Levi came home from a consultation with a couple and said, "Do you want to shoot a wedding in Puerto Rico? I am booked but they want you to shoot it."

Hold the phone. I was like, "Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?! (Wait for it.)

Yes, I want to shoot it!" I was actually pretty bummed that Levi didn't get to go with me. We both used 2nd shooters for this date and thus I was given the opportunity to visit Puerto Rico for the first time in my life.

We always joke with each other (playful competition...or is it?) about our individual shots, from the weddings that we shoot together. We show our couples an image to see who's wins the weight in the awesome-o-meter scale (you know, that imaginary one). If we always photographed weddings separately and were to compare locations this one beats his by default, and without help from me. As much as I love Ohio, Puerto Rico now has a tiny piece of my heart...and a whole lot of my sweat.

I am so thankful to Shay Nartker of Shay Nartker Photography, and to my dear, sweet friend, Suzanne Gipson of Suzanne Gipson Photography, for being our 2nd shooters so that we could make it happen.

Tony and Ilia attended OSU together and have known each other for all of their adulthood and then some. They are so funny, stylish & passionate about themselves and each other. They are the kind of couple that you know can have some legit arguing immediately followed up with some legit making out. They're just real, folks. Their hearts and souls make them a joy to be around.

They were ecstatic to get to tie the knot in such a beautiful location with so many of their loved ones. Unbeknownst to us, they had been training for weeks before their trip, to perform a special dance routine for their first dance as husband and wife, that had me feeling like I was watching an episode of Dancing with the Stars. No joke. They killed it on the dance floor.

Mad props to the two of you. 

Ps. If you are wondering what a TTD (Trash The Dress) Session looks like at 6:30am on a sandy beach, look no further. Thanks, Ilia, for choosing the most perfect gown...oh and for being gorgeous.

Tony & Ilia, total awesomeness.